1. One week extension notice: The due date for Design Spec is Jan 15.
    A design spec template is now abailable at here
  2. Your grades for Midterm and Homework #1 are here
    Please feel free to claim your scores.
  3. This Friday at 7pm in the same class room, I'll make-up for the last week's make-up class.
  4. Programming assignment #2 has been posted here.
  5. Scores of Design Spec and Demo have been posted here.
  6. Please don't forget submitting your final report with source codes by Feb 7.
  7. Assignment 2 - ExtHash scores are now posted here
  8. Final exam solution is now posted here
  9. Final exam scores are now posted here. Please feel free to claim for your scores.
  10. Total scores are now posted here



  • Tue, Thu 16:00 - 18:15


  • Database Systems Concepts, 6th Edition
    (by Abraham Silberschatz, Henry F. Korth, S. Sudarshan) - McGraw-Hill




  • Midterm and Final exams - 20% / 20%
  • SQL Homeworks - 10%
  • SQLite Project (team or independent) - 20%
  • Minibase Projects (independent) - 20%
  • Class Attendance - 10%
* Subject to change
* Note: Late submissions will be penalized by discounting 10% per day.