Lecture Slides

# Topic Slide Note
1.1 Course Overview [Download PDF]
1.2 Review: C++ Class [Download PDF]
1.3 Review: C++ Class [Download PDF]
1.1.Lab Lab: Unix [Download PDF]
1.2.Lab Lab: Vi [Download PDF]
1.3.Lab Lab: UNIX File Systems [Download PDF]
2.1 Preprcessor and Macro [Download PDF]
2.2 Class [Download PDF]
2.3 Class [Download PDF]
3.1 Class [Download PDF]
3.2 Linked List [Download PDF]
3.3 Polymorphism [Download PDF]
3.4 Pointer Review [Download PDF]
Lab gdb Review [Download PDF]
4.1 Exception [Download PDF]
4.2 Template [Download PDF]
4.3 C programming language [Download PDF]
4.4 Recursion [Download PDF]
5.1 Bit Wise Operation and File I/O [Download PDF]
5.2 Memory Management [Download PDF]
MIDTERM [Download PDF]
6.1 Makefile [Download PDF]
6.2 Library [Download PDF]
6.3 Process [Download PDF]
7.1 Fork/Exec [Download PDF]
7.2 Network Socket Programming [Download PDF]
8.1 Introduction to Java [Download PDF]
8.2 Introduction to Java [Download PDF]
8.3 Introduction to Java [Download PDF]
9.1 Introduction to Java [Download PDF]
9.2 Introduction to Java [Download PDF]
9.3 Circular List in Java [Download PDF]
10.1 Event Driven Programming (Java Swing) [Download PDF]
10.2 Event Driven Programming (Android) [Download PDF]

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