Submitting your project

Your project must be electronically submitted by the date above, before 10:00 am, to avoid penalty as described on the syllabus. No projects more than two days late will be accepted for credit without prior permission or a valid medical excuse, as described on your syllabus. Only the project which you electronically submit, according to the procedures provided, can be graded; it is your responsibility to test your program and verify that it works properly before submitting. Lost passwords or other system problems do not constitute valid justifications for late projects.

Turn in your assignment using the ``submit'' program provided by your instructor. You are to submit only the .cpp file containing your source code, not the executable version of your program!

If the source code that prints your personal information was in a file named ``myinfo.c'', submit would be run to turn it in as shown:

% submit  0  myinfo.c

Ubuntu 2011-02-25