• Mar 21.
    From Mar 21, TAs will start office hours at EB2 304 in the evening.

    Professor Giljin Jang and Beomseok Nam will take turns giving lectures for this class.
  • Mar 8.
    If you are not taking this lab course but want to practice programming in the UNIX environment for any reason, please send an email to bsnam (at)
  • Mar 4.
    If you have taken Engineering programming class in a previous semester,
    read this carefully. Otherwise you can skip this announcement.

    Since ITP1170x is a substitute course for Practical IT, some students have
    to take this course to get the required 2 credits. In order to separate them
    from freshmen for fairness, I openned another session ITP11706.
    You don't have to change the session number by yourself.
    Your session will be automatically changed to ITP11706 shortly.

    For ITP11706, there will be no programming quiz. Instead you will have to
    implement at least 4 projects over the semester. The number of projects
    is subject to change depending on your performance.

    You still have to come to the 1 hour offline lecture session to get familiar
    with UNIX systems. The lab practice session that will take place after the
    1 hour offline lecture is for freshmen, not for you.

    For the lab practice, we have to arrange new class rooms, which is not decided
    yet. Every week, you should attend the 1 hour offline lecture as scheduled. After
    that, do not move to the lab practice room with other freshmen, instead
    you should come to AIB 104 at 7 pm next Thursday (March 10).