Course Code: CSE321 Course Title: Introduction to Database Year: 2011 Semester: Fall Semester Lecture Time: WED FRI 13:00-14:15 (EB2 T206) Instructor: Beomseok Nam Office: EB2 401-8 Telephone: 052-217-2123 E-mail: bsnam at Office Hours: TBA Course Objectives and Description: The goal of this course is to introduce database systems to students. The first half of this course will cover how to model a real world (relational model) and write query languages (SQL), and the other half will cover database concepts and principles (including query optimization, concurrency control, transaction management, and log based crash recovery) to help students understand what's under the hood of DBMS. A couple of class projects (HFPage, Heap file, B+-tree) and SQL homeworks (quiz) will be assigned. In parallel, a term (team) project will be assigned, which requires a complete analysis, design, and implementation of a web database application. You are required to implement and submit projects in a Linux class machine where Oracle 11g is running. Prerequisite: Enginerring/Business Programming, Data Structure, Discrete Mathematics Grading: 20% midterm, 30% final, 50% projects and class participation Text: Database Management Systems, 3rd Edition (by Raghu Ramakrishnan and Johannes Gehrke) - McGraw-Hill Any Oracle (or MySQL) tutorial book for beginners would be handy.