Individual Projects

Term Project

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  • Functional Specification Report Due: Sep. 16
  • Design Specification Report Due: Oct. 30
  • Final Report Due: Nov. 30
  • Demonstration Due: TBA

When you work for a compnay after graduation, you will have to work with people that you may like or not, that you feel hard working or lazy, that you feel smart or not. If you think your partner doesn't work as hard as you do, please consider this as a good chance to learn how to manage people. Here is the team list that I came up with for you.
  • Team 1: Junyong Lee, Jong-Il Park
  • Team 2: Young-Moon Eom, Hae-Beom Lee
  • Team 3: Heung-seok Choi, Su-Min Hong
  • Team 4: Moohyeon Nam, Wook-Hee Kim
  • Team 5: Yeo-Cheon Yun, Hyun-Taek Lee
  • Team 6: Kyu-Yul Lee, Sun-Tae Kim

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